Ann & Loueez

I should have written this post a month ago. At the time I was overwhelmed at all the changes that were happening and just put it off, maybe denial. I am now moving forward and ready to do some explaining.

Ann & Loueez Portrait Studios

Kelly from Kelly Ann 3 and I opened a little studio together in downtown Kingman, AZ a couple of years ago. Ann & Loueez specialized in newborns and did fun special events together. We both maintained our own businesses as well. We worked fantastic together and our businesses and our friendship thrived. Last September, as we were finishing up our remodel, Kelly got news that her husband was offered an awesome promotion that put her closer to her family. They of course jumped at the chance. Slowly we ended our business together. I was sad to see her go, but happy to see her move closer to family. Insert a ton of crying emojis.

MLoueez Photography

However, I am still here. The studio is the same with exception to missing Kelly and Hazel’s amazing wardrobe. Kelly is even making plans to come back for sessions. No gonna lie, I am pretty excited about that! MLoueez Photography has taken over doing newborn sessions and some of our fun events that Kelly and I did together. Really it is just business as usual, except that we really miss Kelly and her sweet family.

MLoueez Photography & Jo Lamsus Photography

What is happening though, is that I brought in another photographer! This space is a lot of space for just me. A good friend and fellow photographer expressed interest in utilizing my space. She is a good friend, but more importantly an amazing photographer that runs her business professionally. JoAnn from Jo Lamsus Photography is now located in our downtown location. We are both running our businesses separately. I am excited to have another buddy to share my space with. Together we have invested in more outfits for our families and looking forward to serving all our clients. Stop by sometime and visit us!

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