Arizona Globe Mallows

Globe Mallows | Ainsley and Willoughby

Seligman, AZ

Being a photographer also means you might be a touch crazy. My fellow crazy friend Kelly and I had the great idea to head out of town to go find flowers. We were clued in to this fact by a couple of fellow photographers. Now these flowers are a favorite and for some reason they failed at popping up in Kingman, even though we had one of the best springs flowers this year. I quickly scrambled to come up with an outfit. I bought a beautiful floral crown from Larrea Blossoms. We bought drinks from Human Bean and off we went. Oh and of course I had to bring my newest muse, Willoughby. Who peed on Tessa in the car. Bad puppy.

The Outcome

We drove around for quite sometime till we finally figured the best spot. We were there for 30 minutes. For desert shoots you have such a short window of beautiful light. I honestly didn’t know if my photos would even turn out. The first set were so bright that I honestly felt that this fun shoot was going to end up in failure.

Ugh, so much flare. This is fresh out of camera.

About 5 minutes after this shot (you can see the sun is just on the horizon) I got this. The sun just barely dipped behind the horizon and I had sweet golden light…and 15 minutes to get all my shots.

Final Edits

Now these photos are all fully edited, but seriously peeps. That light!

Maybe one of my favorite photos!

I am in love with the photos I got this evening, sometimes it is hit or miss for these new locations. Hopefully next year we will get some globe mallows in Kingman and I can offer this to all of my clients! As for now I am looking forward to the flowers in August. Which I am now booking. August is a busy month with school starting, but Northern Arizona blooms are my absolute favorite!

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