Bugs, elk, and an adorable family! AZ family photographer


Oh my, I haven’t posted in a while. Now that summer is coming to an end, I can get back to blogging.  I am daydreaming of all the things I can get done once my kids are in school, ha! I am obviously delusional, because the Fall is the busiest time of year for me.  Well getting back to the Randazzo family, gosh I loved their session! As an AZ family photographer, family sessions during the hottest part of the year can be tricky, but lucky for me, we have the Hualapai Mountains, just minutes away and that is where we went for this session. It was amazingly beautiful up there and so much cooler then our little desert town. The downside was that there was a fresh hatch of little black beetles and they were everywhere! I have never edited out so many bugs!  Luckily the family trudged through and we snapped some amazing photographs! The two little boys were beyond adorable and I loved way too many of these photos. Check out my slideshow below! I now have 5 slots available this fall for family photos. Please email me at melissalouisenoble@gmail.com if you are interested in booking your own family session. Hopefully bugs and elk (well I actually like the elk) not included. 😉

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